"Planting hope into the future, one Moringa tree at a time"

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Welcome to the Moringa Villa Project

Thanks for passing by   our Moringa  Villa online. We grow Moringa for our own consumption to improve our nutritional needs  and share with others that love it. We  produce Moringa Leaf Powder, Moringa seeds, Moringa oil and other  products from the Moringa tree. We  provide training and  support  to families, schools  and  farmers to establish their  own  Moringa  farms and gardens for their nutritional needs  and improve their livelihoods. Explore our website  to see what  we  do . Feel  free to contact us any time . Be part of our  Moringa family and  lets  plant hope into the future, one Moringa tree at  a time. 

These tiny leaves could save millions of lives. (source: http://www.treesforlife.org/our-work/our-initiatives/moringa )

Moringa and its Potentials

Moringa is a “multi-purpose” and fast-growing tree known for its several potential uses including the remedying of malnutrition problems.  Moringa is referred to as “the miracle or wonder tree” and this description is the result of its several properties- nutritional, medicinal, cosmetic, water purification, domestic-cleaning, pulp & paper as well as several industrial properties.  Additionally, Moringa is used in alley-cropping, animal foraging, hormone and biogas production and as organic fertilizer. The benefits of the Moringa tree are known in several geographic areas including Africa and the Middle-East.  Every part of the plant, in fact has some nutritional, medicinal or industrial application. 

The tree is native to India but has been planted around the world and is naturalized in many locales. Moringa grows exceptionally well in tropical regions.  In Ghana Moringa was, until recently, found mainly in the South-eastern corridors of the Volta Region, from Sogakope to Aflao, and in the Northern segment of the country (Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions) where it is grown profusely as fence post for livestock feeding and as a traditional green leafy vegetable respectively.



About Moringa Villa

This project also called "Improving Livelihoods and Reducing Malnutrition among Women and Children with  Moringa Plant",  is  a  development  project being implemented by Shape Lives Foundation as part  of its  efforts to empower women with alternative income generating ventures to improve their livelihoods. The project  seeks to enhance the quality of life of the people especially women, create employment, increase food production, reduce malnutrition among wome


News and Events

Moringa Processing Center Renovated

Moringa Processing Center Renovated

We have renovated our Moringa processing center at Moringa Villa. Thanks for all your support !


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